Greece: With EF Ultimate Break


Visiting Paris on our New Years European Roadtrip may have been my second visit to the amazing city, but that doesn't mean I didn't love it just as much, in fact, I would love to go again!

Venice Italy


Munich was a quick stop on our New Years European Roadtrip with EF College Break. If you want to find out how we liked this city, be sure to check out this post.

Hotel vs Hostel: Paris

Hotel or Hostel? Is there a reason to spend more money on a hotel? Find out what we thing!

Filming in Greece: What I am Bringing

I plan on trying to make my best travel video ever while exploring Greece for 11 days, want to know what I am bringing? Check this blog out!

Venice Italy


On our European Road Trip with EF College Break we got to stop in Cologne and Frankfurt, read about our quick experience in both cities.

EF Ultimate Break: New Years European Road Trip Overview

Find out more about the New Years European Road Trip offered by EF College Break.

Venice Italy


Venice was filled with great food, awesome tours, and some gelato. Find out how I liked my second visit to the sinking city.

Venice Italy


Switzerland was full of breathtaking views, and I cant wait to go back! Read about our time in Switzerland!

Venice Italy


The first stop of many on our European Road Trip with EF College Break, read about Amsterdam.

Venice Italy

EF College Break: Ultimate Europe

Read about Caitlin's experience with EFCB on her trip to Europe!

Venice Italy

Amalfi Coast: The Beautiful Drive

Our final day in Italy consisted of a day trip from Rome…
Venice Italy

Rome: Where are the Gladiators?

Joseph's trip to Rome was one he will always remember. From the historical sites to the 100+ degree temperatures.  

Venice Italy

Venice: A Sinking City

Read about Joseph's first trip to the amazing city of Venice.  

Venice Italy

Fuoco Matto

Read about the amazing Fuoco Matto in Florence Italy! The best pizza ever!