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Greece: With EF Ultimate Break

Filming In Greece: Peoples Reactions

What did people think when they saw a drone? Find out, I was surprised!

Should you travel with EF Ultimate Break?

Traveling with EF Ultimate Break has been a life changing experience for me, so let me tell you why you should travel with EF Ultimate Break.

Filming Greece: Traveling With A Drone

Traveling with a drone can present a whole new set of challenges when you get to the airport, along with a few problems when you are on the trip, but what did I think about bringing my GoPro Karma Drone to Greece? Find out!


Visiting Paris on our New Years European Roadtrip may have been my second visit to the amazing city, but that doesn't mean I didn't love it just as much, in fact, I would love to go again!


Munich was a quick stop on our New Years European Roadtrip with EF College Break. If you want to find out how we liked this city, be sure to check out this post.

Packing Tips: Changing Weather

In this Packing Tips blog, find out why packing for the ever changing weather can be so important. After all, weather can change in an instant.

Hotel vs Hostel: Paris

Hotel or Hostel? Is there a reason to spend more money on a hotel? Find out what we thing!